How to score good marks in exam – Part 1

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Here are the few technique which will help you to score good marks in your exams.

Goal Setting:

Your Intelligence helps you to reach your destination (Goal/Aim) Provided you know what the destination (Goal/Aim) is. Goals are like road maps which show the right direction. Students fail in Exams not because of lack of intelligence but because of lack of desire, direction, dedication and lastly discipline.

Without goals life is like getting lost in a Freeway.

Will you get into a train without knowing where it is going?f
For a journey of 100 miles you have definite plan. Then why do students go through a life of 100 years without having any goal/aim. Can you play a football game without setting a goal post? What could be the cost of goal post? Very nominal . What would happened to the game without goal post? There is nothing left . how do you keep score? How do you declare the winner?

Enthusiasm without direction leads to frustration.

Goals give a sense of direction , and improves the self image and confidence of students. Doubt is replaced by the direction. It gives you a track to run on.
Have a definite clear written goal. Have a plan to accomplish it.
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Make a list of your goals.

  1. I want to secure good marks with FCD (First Class with Distinction)  in this semester of Engineering.
  2. I want to become a great Engineer.
  3. ______________________________________

Remember fail to plan is planning to fail. As a fire cannot produce more heat, a small desire cannot produce great results. A burning desire will yield great results.

Concentration Techniques:
The ability to direct your thinking is called concentration.
Students say,

  • I can’t concentrate while studying my subjects.
  • My mind wanders when i try to study.
  • My gadgets don’t let me to study.

Lack of concentration is one of the most frequent complaint from students. To help students and to educate them about the effects of the concentration on learning, following techniques are developed.
“Concentration of mind is called Education” if you know how to concentrate your mind you can collect facts at will.

Learning α Concentration α Interest
Your concentration depends on your interest on the subject.
If a student does not like his profession of studying, he is wasting 18+ years of energetic and youthful life in grief. Desire control is the best mantra to develop concentration. Say ‘no’ to temptations or postpone it to next day.
We have ability to concentrate while we are watching a movie or a cricket match but when it comes to studies most of the students feels distracted, particularly in studies, practice the techniques, sure your concentration will improve by 65% i just couple of weeks.
Concentration is learning a skill.
It is an art. Concentration of mind is a Habit.
If you practice these techniques for 21 days i.e, conscious, consecutive practice, concentration will become a habit.
You’ll notice considerable improvement within twenty one days of training your mind with some of the skills that follows in Next Article How to score good marks in exam – Part 2.

Things may come to those who wait but things will follow those who work.

Disclaimer: Student Community Blog, Not linked with VTU in any manner.