How to get FCD in VTU Exams

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Hey Guys its been a very busy month, internals, lab externals and finally Exams.

As I told you earlier that I’ll be back with some useful tips on how to get fcd in vtu exams and  how to improve your scoring skills . Actually I want to say is neither vtu nor evaluators are responsible for
your under performance. We are the one responsible for our acts of getting less in exam. We vtu students are so lazy that we open our books after third Internals and never write authentic answers. We fill some crap and expect them to give us marks. This won’t work as it is a university level exam. So we need to change our approach first.

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Follow these tips on how to get fcd in vtu exams:

1) Always use black pen to draw circuits/diagrams. (Its been clearly mentioned in the booklet to write in dark ball point black pen, But as we enter engineering we usually have a habit of continuing our old traditions to draw in pencil. When scanned , evaluators find difficult during observing and hence your marks get deducted).
2) Always refer the standard book recommended by vtu for all diagrams and drawings, (Teachers are been given with a scheme of valuation which has diagrams from the recommended books hence drawing diagrams/circuits from your local author may not suffice you marks during valuation).
3) Its better to always write answers in points and underline the
important terms. (Evaluators have less time and have to correct many papers so they may not find time in reading all your stories. So its better to write in terms of points and underlining the keywords)
4) Always begin your paper neatly and with elaborate answers.
5) Note: Always your diagrams or circuits have greater weight so do those things clearly. The backbone to all answers are diagrams, drawing and equations. (A student doing diagrams/circuit and writing proper equations for it in case of chemistry and ece subjects are sure to get 70% of the marks).
6) Numericals : Problems are something where you won’t loose marks if you land up with the final answer. Always note that write formula in the beginning and always highlight your final answer in a box. Which will attract the evaluator and easily allot you marks irrespective of glancing all your steps).

how to get fcd in vtu exams
7) Always answer to the point .. Never fill paper with craps nor limit your answers (Sometimes students write stories/irrelevant topics which is not to be done here. write what’s being asked)
8) During exam always be calm enough… I.e never speak much before the exam or get tensed up. Never be late to the hall. Calmness in your mind makes you always do better in vtu exams.
9) Programming subjects:
There are more chances of loosing marks in your programs. Its always better to elaborate what you want to explain as in the form of algorithms or flowcharts, seeing through it the valuator finds that at least you know something.
10) Self prepared Notes will be yours best friend, Sometimes when you wan to know how to get fcd in vtu exams and are aspirant of scoring well in vtu exams you may go through plenty of books. But it is highly difficult to revise so many books efficiently a day before your final exams. So I recommend you all to start making your own notes from day – 1.
11) Studying at last moment may lead to confusion during exams I have sometimes experienced when we try to stuff our minds at last moment we either confuse or can’t recall during exam and hence we
do mistakes while writing the exams.
12) Concentration in class is key to success in Engineering life, But it is taken as fun by many of our students. They like to bunk classes and when they are not able to follow the next class they
blame their teachers. Engineering subjects are continuity based. So
you need to be attentive in class as well.

If you follow at least 8 of the points you will definitely clear all the subjects without failing any subjects and you will get fcd in vtu exams.

By Aleem

Disclaimer: Student Community Blog, Not linked with VTU in any manner.