VTU year back system scheme and its confusion

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VTU Year Back System 2014/2015

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Caution: Below is the post from last year, proceed considering its age in mind.

Actually, i was getting lots and lots of Queries about this so called Rumored¬†vtu year back 2014 scheme. I really don’t know what’s all this confusion all about. All the First Year Students are throwing Queries similar to¬†vtu year back latest news,¬†vtu year back 2015,¬†vtu year back system removed,¬†vtu year back cancelled,¬†vtu year back rules 2015,¬†vtu rules for year back. Everything started when VTU announced the Continuation of 2010 Scheme.

vtu year back system

Common yea guys, Let me tell you one thing.

Never Ever Give a Sh*t to Rumors, I have seen many VTU related rumors spread like Fire throughout the State of Karnataka.

First things first,

  • All the Information regarding¬†vtu year back system which is available on other sites is OUTDATED.
  • If you have any confusion before spreading the rumors, surf through official VTU site. http://vtu.ac.in/
  • Never ever trust the content on Internet related to VTU until and unless its authenticated by VTU officially.
  • If you still have any queries beside sharing with your friends and creating an environment of horror, do consult with us. We will be more than happy to help.

Based on Current VTU Rules:

  • The Candidate shouldn’t had failed in more than 4¬†Subjects for being eligible to enter next year.
  • If a Candidate has a subject back from 1st and 2nd Semester he won’t be eligible to enter 5th semester.
  • If a Candidate has a subject back from¬†3rd¬†and 4th¬†Semester he won’t be eligible to enter 7th semester.

Coming to Continuation of 2010 Scheme read this VTU Continuation of 2010 Scheme. For Students who satisfy above mentioned criteria and are eligible to enter the 3rd Semester of there respected courses under VTU, they will continue to study the 2010 Scheme.¬†Don’t get confused, since vtu has mandated the¬†CBCS ( choice based credit system ) for freshers who are admitted to first year Engineering for the academic year 2015-2016.

If any Queries, don’t forget to comment.

Disclaimer: Student Community Blog, Not linked with VTU in any manner.