VTU 1st sem results 2017 CBCS news and updates

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VTU 1st sem results 2017 CBCS. Visvesvaraya Technological University, which conducted 1st Semester Examinations in the month of December/January 2016-17. Last Year i.e, in Jan 2016 due to the introduction of new CBCS scheme, the exams took more than a month to complete for 1st year cbcs students. This year its a different story. Well Students are awaiting for there VTU 1st sem results 2017.

Well Begun is Half done they say.  But for many 1st sem guys out there 1st semester was like a roller coaster ride, new college atmosphere, hostel food, new friends and finally Exams :P. And now the headache is for the Results, that to 1st semester results. Here are the updates regarding the 1st sem results below:
vtu 1st sem results 2017

Actually last year i.e, 2016 VTU 1st sem results were announced in March you can see the last year dates below due to change in scheme. This time the VTU 1st sem results 2017 will be announced sooner than last year.

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VTU published the VTU 1st sem results 2017 on a new website due to CBCS scheme. Hope you are enjoying your vacations, feel free to learn new things. Do some cool mini projects. Have some adventure and Don’t get impatient and lean towards rumors lets hope for the best and meanwhile learn new skills which will help you build your career.
We will inform you if we get any updates regarding the result dates.

VTU 1st sem results 2017 dates:

RegionResults Status
All RegionsN/A
Bangalore RegionN/A
Belguam RegionN/A
Gulbarga RegionN/A
Mysore RegionN/A

Last year VTU 1st sem results 2016 dates:

RegionResults Status
All RegionsMarch 15 2016
Bangalore RegionMarch 15 2016
Belguam RegionMarch 10 2016
Gulbarga RegionMarch 12 2016
Mysore RegionMarch 14 2016
Disclaimer: Student Community Blog, Not linked with VTU in any manner.