VTU 3rd sem results 2017 CBCS News page

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VTU 3rd Sem Results 2017 CBCS:
Update May 21st: VTU 3rd sem results 2017 CBCS will be announced on 23-05-2017.
Update May 20th 2017: Guys Results of 3rd Sem CBCS was supposed  to be announced on 19th May 2017 as per details published on VTU Official Site. But it seems VTU is facing some technical difficulties due to which results are not yet published. I know how it feels to wait for results and its getting delayed again and again. A sincere request to you guys is to keep calm, everything will be alright.
Update May 14: Results of III & IV Sem B.E. (Non-CBCS) all regions announced.
Update 18th Jan 2017: This is a VTU 3rd Sem results 2017 news page, we will update you with the details when the dates for VTU 3rd Sem Results 2017 are made official by the authorities, on this page. You’ll get updates for CBCS as well as 2010 scheme results news here.

VTU 3rd sem results 2017 dates:

Region2010 SchemeCBCS Scheme
All RegionsAnnouncedAnnounced
Bangalore RegionAnnouncedAnnounced
Belguam RegionAnnouncedAnnounced
Gulbarga RegionAnnouncedAnnounced
Mysore RegionAnnouncedAnnounced

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Caution: Below is the post from last year, proceed considering its age in mind.

VTU 3rd sem results 2015-2016

VTU 3rd sem results 2016 was announced on 5th February 2016

Results of B.E 3rd & 4th Semesters exams conducted during Dec 2015/January 2016 of Belagavi, Kalaburagi and Mysuru regions will be announced on 5th February 2016 after 9pm.
Results will be available on http://vturesultshub.com

But, wait why you people are so impatient. I know its all about results. And it being the first exam of your respective branches. I know you people have been through the worse 2014 scheme in the first & second semester. And many students struggled to get into third sem after worse results, some even got detained. But the fact that now you people are part of 2010 scheme, don’t worry much about results.

Actually the thing is we maintain facebook VTU Results Page having ~43k followers and a facebook VTU Students Group having ~70k member subscriptions. And some part of those numbers involves 3rd Sem & 4th sem students, therefore we are getting tons of messages which is flooding our inboxes. The reality being we can’t answer each and everyone’s queries instantly, but we try our best to reply asap.

Hey guys before moving any further, i want to give a small piece of advice.

Please Please Please Don’t listen to rumors. They spread like fire, burn your brain, make you stressed, impatient and hurt emotionally.

Visvesvaraya Technological University, which conducted 3rd Semester Examinations in the month of December 2015, therefore students await for VTU 3rd sem results 2016 for All Regions. As always this time also we are buzzed with hundreds of queries regarding the vtu 3rd sem results 2016.

I know you people were admitted to VTU with 2014 scheme, but as were promoted to 3rd semester you were admitted to 2010 scheme. So all your exams were based on 2010 scheme. So the results will be based on 2010 scheme.

vtu 3rd sem results 2017Actually what i want to tell is that, Last Year that is 2015,  vtu 3rd sem results were announced on 30th – 31st January. Similarly on January 25th in 2014, so based on internal sources i would like to inform you that the vtu 3rd sem results 2016 will be announced within 5 – 7 days in the month of February 2016. Since results of all other courses and all semesters of B.E/B.tech excluding vtu 1st sem results 2016 had already been declared. Please don’t get impatient your vtu 3rd sem results 2016 will announced shortly.

As always VTU announces results based on regions, so vtu 3rd sem results 2016 will be announced region by region starting from Belgaum, Gulbarga.Mysore in first phase and then Bangalore region separately. If you want to get notified as early as possible drop your email in the Subscription box and we will notify you at the earliest.


VTU 3rd sem results 2016 dates:

RegionResults Status
All Regions9th February 2016
Bangalore Region9th February 2016
Belguam Region5th February 2016
Gulbarga Region5th February 2016
Mysore Region5th February 2016
Disclaimer: Student Community Blog, Not linked with VTU in any manner.